The Last Film of...Natalie Wood

Brainstorm (1983)

Researchers, including Natalie Wood, Christopher Walken and Louise Fletcher, are trying to figure out a way to map and record the brain, to view the world from one person's perspective. Their technology works, sharing not only point-of-view perspective but also the emotions that inform the wearer. When Louise Fletcher's character suffers a fatal heart attack, she spends her final moments recording the process of death, and her fellow researchers have to fight to get the technology back and see what she saw. 

Why Was This Natalie Wood's Last Film? 

Tragically, Natalie Wood drowned under mysterious circumstances on November 29, 1981. The events surrounding her death are still considered controversial, with the case reopened in 2011 and her husband Robert Wagner named a person of interest in 2018. He maintains his innocence.

Brainstorm was shelved for a bit, and Natalie's role, largely filmed already, had to be reconceived to get the last bit of footage they needed. Her sister Lana stepped in for her. 

Is This a Good Movie? 

The premise is interesting. The scenes of death and the afterlife freaked me out but in a metaphysical who are we and why are we here kind of way, and I sincerely hope that death is not like what's presented in this film.